One Right Choice 1,000 Times

Inspirational-Wallpapers-with-Quotes-for-Desktop16A very dear friend of mine, who is an amazing inspiration to me, just posted an article on her journal that I would like to share with all of you. In the way of background, my friend is currently going through cancer treatments, has the greatest heart and the most amazing perspective on life. This post deals with how your diet has an impact on your overall health. I hope you enjoy it:

I was having a conversation with a friend who knows he needs to deal with his health by changing his diet, but he is just unwilling to make the change. I try to use logic to appeal and persuade, but no luck. He says, “I believe, I believe.” But he doesn’t really. Joel Fuhrman would say he is a philosophical dieter where as I am a practicing dieter. So what is the problem??  He believes in the concept but does not want to accept the details.

“I know I should lose weight, but this bag of chips isn’t going to make a difference.” The reality is that one bag won’t make a difference, but making the right choice 1000 times will. Unfortunately, making one bad choice 1000 times will also.

“I know I should spend time with my kids, but time together doesn’t seem to make a difference in their attitude.”  How about spending time with your kids 1000 times?  How about dinner together 1000 times? 

“I know I should get my debt under control, but its thousands of dollars, what’s one more pair of shoes?” The reality is it has been lots of shoes, clothes and jewelry you can do without; Starbucks, dinner out, Amazon and on and on. Instead of adding $50.00 to the bill each month, how about paying the interest plus $50.00 each month. And then do that 1000 times. 

What we believe in is excuses. What we believe in is comfort. What we believe in is “easy.” What we believe in is “later.” We don’t know what self control even feels like. We don’t understand or experience delayed gratification. We can’t comprehend the idea of taking one step at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time. “Persistence” is not in our vocabulary. “Resolve” is not in our vocabulary. “I will, no matter the cost,” is not in our vocabulary.

How many times must a 12 year old boy throw a lasso before reigning in a calf? And then how many times must he throw a lasso before he can reign in that little calf while riding a horse.  How many times do you think? 1000 times. I have no idea. But whether it is 100 or 10,000, he will learn. He will do it, because he has decided to do it.

Our bad habits are like little calves just waiting to be reigned in, but if you are not will to pick up the rope, if you are not willing to practice and practice and practice a thousand times; that will calf may as well be a greased pig. You see the little calf as a greased pig and as impossible, simply impossible, to catch. And you tell yourself, “I’m not not diving into the muck to catch that little greased piggy.”

Come on.

Put some walk into your talk.

Put some do into your belief.

Put some practice into your preaching.

You can’t learn how to swim unless you get in the water. You can’t reign in those bad habits if you are unwilling to train with the right tools 1000 times over.

So here you go. You have 3 days in a lab, a closed system: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with the assistance of storm Nemo. What did Jonah learn in 3 days?  What did Paul learn in 3 days when knocked off his horse? God seems to be saying 3 days is a good incubation period. You can kick start your 1000 choices in 3 days!

Stop groveling. Stand up! Rise up!  Ready! Set! Go!

Yeah, I believe…in you!!!! Love, Lynn